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High Quality Scottish Furniture Kits

Self build wooden DIY kits are available for each of our traditional furniture making projects. These DIY furniture making kits include quality, pre-cut wood plus all the essential fixings to make your required item of furniture, whether this is a self assembly wooden stool, a blanket chest or a bed. Our kits are supplied in quality red pine; prices for local Scottish hard woods are available on application. Together with the appropriate DIY project manual, our self build wooden DIY kits ensure that you have all the information and materials that you need to complete your furniture making project in wood.

Our projects are colour coded to help budding and experienced woodworkers distinguish between the various skill levels. To find out more on how to work through the various projects in a logical order, click on online furniture courses.


Whether you are a woodworking beginner or not, we recommend that you purchase our essential cabinet making guide,
"The Background" - a guide to working with wood.

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Project 27
Lethenty Mill Rocking Chair
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Project 28
Grandfather Chair

Our self assembly wooden DIY kits should not be confused with today's flat pack furniture packages. Our purpose is to teach traditional Scottish furniture-making skills and craft techniques, therefore the wood in our kits is not ready for immediate assembly - it will require further cutting, jointing and finishing (the fun part).

At present, 25 furniture making kits and project manuals are available for purchase. The first ten project manuals provide detailed instructions and photographs and gradually introduce new techniques and skills. The remaining projects vary in complexity. The 'skilled' projects are colour coded in grey and are supplied with a cutting list and drawings only, rather than a detailed instruction manual. These projects are recommended for experienced woodworkers, or those who have successfully completed some of the beginners or intermediate projects.

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