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Project 2: The Corner Unit

A comprehensive colour guide detailing how to make a solid wood corner unit.

The Corner Unit The Corner Unit

The DIY furniture-making manual for the corner unit is a comprehensive colour guide with step-by-step instructions, detailing how to make this traditional piece of quality Scottish wooden furniture.

The corner unit is one of the early items that Allan Fyfe, proprietor of Lethenty Mill Furniture, started making 25 years ago. He found that this item of furniture could be easily constructed easily from lining boards (or tongued and grooved boards) from the timber merchants and the design allowed for shrinkage if the moisture content was fine.

The corner unit project therefore makes a good design for woodworking beginners. There are no potential conflicts with opposing grain direction if the wood shrinks. This makes it a good model for subsequent designs. This project also provides practice with bow saw technique and producing dados.

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